Please Release Me

{t:Please Release Me}
{st:Engelbert Humperdinck}

[F]Please r[F7]elease me, let m[Bb]e go, 
Fo[C]r I dont[C7] love you an[F]ymore,[C]
To l[F]ive a [F7]lie would be a [Bb]sin,
So r[F]elease me, and l[C]et me love ag[F]ain,  [C7]

[F]I have f[F7]ound a new love, d[Bb]ear,
And [C]I, will al[C7]ways want her h[F]ear,  [C]
Her l[F]ips are [F7]warm where yours are c[Bb]old,
Rele[F]ase me, my d[C]arling, let me [F]go. [C7]

P[G]lease rel[G7]ease me cant you s[C]ee,
You![D7]be,  A fool to cling to [G]me, [D7]
To l[G]ive, a l[G7]ie would bring us p[C]ain,
So re[G]lease me, and [D7]let me love a[G]gain, [C]

Please re[G]lease me, and [D7]let me love ag[G]ain. [C]     [G]
                                       Instrumental Key G
Repeat all again
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