{st:Roy Orbison}

[E]She was the [G#m]wind, the [F#m]earth and [B]sky [D]
[E]She was the [G#]one who [F#m]made me laugh and [B]cry [D]
[E]She was [A]cake and she was [E]wine
She was [A]fun and she was [E]mine

[E]She'd lie and lie and lie to me
and I'd be[A]lieve [E]her
She'd cry and cry and cry to me
I couldn't [A]leave [E]her

[E]No one could hurt, [F#]no one could flirt,
[E]no one could [B]smile like [E]she could
She was misery and [A]sorrow
[E]She was the reason for to[B]morrow

The [F#m]smile of the cat was on her face
The [E]chaparral she loved to run in it
The [F#]style of the fox men embrace
To [B]know her was to love her
And [E]no one could treat m[A]e like she co[E]uld

She was [A]just a little [E]girl
She was a [A]woman of the [B]world
[E]She was all my dreams, [A]she was many [F#m]things
But [B]she is, she was, she'll always [E]be a woman
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