Sunday Morning Coming Down

{t:Sunday Morning Coming Down}
{st:Kris Kristofferson}
#This is how I play the song
Well I [G]woke up Sunday morning
With no w[C]ay to hold my head it didn't h[G]urt
And the beer I had for breakfast was'nt [Em]bad
So I had one more for des[D]ert
Then I f[G]umbled thru my closet for my cl[C]othes
And found my cleanest dirty sh[G]irt[Em]
And I [C]shaved my face & c[Am]ombed my hair
St[C]umbled down the st[D]airs to meet the d[G]ay[C][G]

I'd [G]smoked my brain the night before on c[C]igarettes
And songs that I'd been [G]pickin'
But I lit my first & watched a small kid c[Em]ursin'
at a can that he was [D]kickin'
Then I [G]crossed the empty street & caught the S[C]unday
Smell of someone fryin' [G]chicken [Em]
And it [C]took me back to [Am]something that I'd [C]lost
Somehow, somewh[D]ere along the [G]way[C] [G]

  1. Chorus
         [G]On a Su[G7]nday morning s[C]idewalk
            Wishin' Lord that I was st[G]oned
            'Cause there's something in a S[D]unday
            That makes a body feel al[G]one
            And there's n[G7]othin' short o' d[C]yin'
            Half as lonesome as the s[G]ound
            On a sleepy city side[D]walk
            Sunday morning comming d[G]own

In the [G]park I saw a daddy, with a [C]laughing little
Girl that he was [G]swinging
And I stopped beside a Sunday school

And [Em]listened to the song that they were [D]singing
Then I [G]headed back for home & somewhere
[C]far away a lonely bell was [G]ringing [Em]
And it [C]echoed thru the [Am]canyons
Like the [C]disappearing [D]dreams of yester[G]day [C]  [G]

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