Somebody dun somebody wrong

{t:somebody dun somebody wrong}
{st:B.J. Thomas}

I[F]t's lonely out toni[Bb]ght,
and the fe[C7]eling just got right for a brand new l[F]ove song,
Some[Bb]body done somebody wr[F]ong song.[C]
H[F]ey won't you p[F6]lay,
another som[F7]ebody done somebody wr[Bb]ong song,
And make me f[F]eel at home,
while I miss my b[Gmi]aby, wh[C7]ile I miss my b[F]aby.[C]
So p[F]lay, play for me, a s[A7]ad melody,
so [Dmi]sad that it makes everybody [Gmi]cry,
a r[C7]eal hurting song, about a l[F]ove thats gone w[A7]rong,
cause [Dmi]I don't wanna cry all a[C7]lone.
      - Repeat Chorus -
      - Repeat Verse 2 -
      - Repeat Chorus X 2 & Fade Out -


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