Seven Spanish Angels

Seven Spanish Angels
Willie Nelson

[G]He looked down into her brown eyes and said
Say a prayer for [D7]me
She threw her arms around him whispered
God will keep us [G]free

They could see the riders coming
He said This is my last [C]fight
If they take me back to [G]Texas
They won't [D7]take me back [G]alive

There were seven Spanish angels
At the altar of the [D7]sun
They were praying for the lovers
In the valley of the [G]gun

When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared
There was thunder from the [C]throne
And seven Spanish [G]angels
Took [D7]another angel [G]home

She reached down and picked the gun up
That lay smoking in his [D7]hand
She said Father please forgive me
I can't make it without my [G]man

And she knew the gun was empty
And she knew she could not [C]win
But her final prayer was [G]answered
When the [D7]rifles fired [G]again

Repeat #3,4

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