{st:Taylor Swift}

[C]You had my heart
[G]and we'll never be world apart
[D]Maybe in magazines
[Em]but you'll still be my star
[C]Baby cause in the Dark
[G]You can see shiny Cars
[D]And that's when you need me there
[Em]With you I'll always share


[C]When the sun shines
Well shine togeth[G]er

Told you I'll be here forever
[D]Said I'll always be your frie[Em]nd
[D]Took an oath
I'mma stick it out 'till the [Em]end
[C]Now that it's raining more than ever
[G]Know that we still have each other
[D]You can stand under my Umbr[Em]ella
You can stand under my Umbr[C]ella
(Ella ella eh eh [G]eh)
Under my umbrell[D]a
(ella ella eh eh [Em]eh)[C]
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