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{st:Interpreted by Petula Clark}

[G]When you're a[Bm]lone and life is [C]making you [D7]lonely, you can [G]always [Bm]go


[G]When you got [Bm]worries, all the [C]noise and the [D7]hurry seems to [G]help I [Bm]know



Just [G]listen to the music of the [Em]traffic in the city

[G]Linger on the sidewalk where the [Em]neon lights are pretty

[Bm]How can you lose ?


[C]The lights are much brighter there,

you can for[A/G]get all your troubles,

forget all you cares


So go [G]down[Bm]town,

[C]things will be [D]great when you're [G]down[Bm]town

[C]No finer [D]place for sure, [G]down[Bm]town

[C]Ev'rything's [D]waiting for [G]you


[G] [CaddD] [G] [CaddD] [G]