Green green grass of home

{t:Green green grass of home}

The[C] old home town looks the sam[C7]e as I[F] step down from the[C] train
[C]And there to meet me is my mama and [G7]papa;
Down [G7]the [C]road I look and [C7]there runs Mary, ha[F]ir of gold and lips like      cherries,
it's go[G]od to touch the g[G7]reen, green gr[G7]ass of ho[C]me. [F]  [C]

Yes, t[G7]hey'll a[C]ll come to m[C7]eet me arms a-r[F]eaching, smiling sweetly;
It's go[C]od to touch the gr[G]een, green gr[G7]ass of hom[C]e.

The [C]old house is still standing,[C7] though the [F]paint is cracked and [C]dry,
[C]And there's that old oak tree that I used to [G7]play on;
Down [G7]the [C]lane I walk and with [C7]my sweet Mary, ha[F]ir of gold an lips like cherries
it's go[C]od to touch the gr[G7]een, green grass of h[G7]ome[C].   [F]  [C]

Yes, the[G7]y'll all[C] come to see[C7] me in the sha[F]de of that old oak tree[Em7];
As they la[C]y me 'neath the gr[G]een, green g[G7]rass of hom[C]e.