Love me tender

{t:Love me tender}
[D]Love me tender [E7]love me sweet,
[A7]never let me [D]go.
[D]You have made my [E7]life complete,
[A7]and I love you [D]so.
[D]Love me [F#7]tender,
[Bm]love me [D7]true,
[G]all my [Gm]dreams ful[D]filled.
For my [B7]darlin’ [E7]I love you,
[A7]and I always [D]will.

[D]Love me tender,
[E7]love me long,
[A7]take me to your [D]heart.
[D]For it’s there that [E7]I belong,
[A7]and we’ll never [D]part.
[D]Love me tender,
[D7]love me dear,
[A7]tell me you are [D]mine.
[D]I’ll be yours through [E7]all the years,
[A7]till the end of [D]time.

[D]Love me tender,
[D7]love me dear,
[A7]Darling this I [D]know
[D]Happiness will follow [E7]you
[A7]Everywhere you [D]go.