Mary's boychild

{t:Mary's boychild}

[G]Long time ago in [C]Bethlehem, so the [D]Holy Bible [G]say,
[G]Mary's boy child [C]Jesus Christ, was [G]born on [D7]Christmas [G]Day.
Listen [C]hear the [D7]angels [G]sing, a [Em]new king [C]born [D]today,
a [G]man will li[D]ve f[G]or [C]evermore, be[G]cause of [D7]Christmas [G]day.
[G]Trumpets [C]sound and [D7]angels [G]sing, [Em]listen to [C]what they [D]say,
A [G]man will li[D]ve for [C]evermore, be[G]cause of [D7]Christmas [G]Day.
Wh[G]ile shepherds watch their flo[C]cks by night,
they se[D]e a bright new shining s[G]tar,
and then they heard a ch[C]oir sing, the mu[G]sic see[D7]med to come from af[G]are.
When Joseph and his wi[C]fe, Mary, came to Bet[D]hlehem that nigh[G]t,
did'nt find a place to bor[C]n the child, not a sin[G]gle r[D7]oom was in si[G]ght.
B[G]y and by they find a li[C]ttle nook
in a sta[D]ble all forl[G]orn,
and in a manger co[C]ld and dark, M[G]ary's little b[D7]oy was bo[G]rn.
Lo[G]ng time ago in Bet[C]hlehem, so the H[D]oly Bible s[G]ay,
Mary's boy child, Jes[C]us Christ, was bo[G]rn on Chris[D7]tmas D[G]ay.