Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

{t:A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square}



That [C7] certain [Am] night, the [Em] night we [C7]met

There was [F] magic a[E7]broad in the [Am] air [Fm6]

There were [C7] angels [G7]dining [C7]at the [Fm6]Ritz

And a [C7]nightingale [Am] sang in [Dm7]Berke[G7]ley [C7] Square


[short bridge, try C7, Am, G7]


I may be right, I may be wrong

But I'm perfectly willing to swear

That when you turned and smiled at me

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


[short bridge, try C7, Am, B7]



          [E] The moon that [C#m7] lingered over [F#m] London [B7] town

          [G#m7] Poor puzzled moon, [F#m7] he wore a [B7] frown

          [E] How could he [C#m7] know we two were [F#m] so in [B7] love

          [G#m7] The whole darned world seemed [Dm] upside [G7] down


The streets of town were paved with stars

It was such a romantic affair

And as we kissed and said goodnight

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


          [Repeat chorus with vocal or instrumental break]


My homeward steps were just as light

As the tap dancing feet of Astaire

And like an echo, far away

A [C7]nightingale [Am] sang in [Dm7]Berke[G7]ley [C7] Square

I [Dm7] know 'cause [G7] I was[Em7] there [Dm7]

That night in [G7] Berkeley [C] Square

[hit chord on each word]

[C7] I [C7] was [C7] there [C7]