Oh Susanna

{t:Oh Susanna}

I c[D]ome from Alabama
with my banjo on my kn[A7]ee
I'm go[D]ing to Luisiana babe
my true love f[A7]or to s[D]ee

I[D]t rained all night the day I left
the weather it was dr[A7]y
the s[D]un so hot I froze to death
Susanna do[A7]n't you cr[D]y

O[G]h Susanna oh d[D]on't you cry for m[A7]e
I co[D]me from Alabama with
my ba[A7]njo on my kn[D]ee

[D]I had a dream the other night
when every thing was st[A7]ill
I tho[D]ught I saw susanna a-coming do[A7]wn the h[D]ill

[D]A buckwheat cake was in her hand
the tear was in her e[A7]ye
I sa[D]id I come from Dixieland
Susanna d[A7]on't you c[D]ry