Vaya con dios

{t:Vaya con dios}

{st:Freddie Fender}

Now the [C]hacienda's park, the town is s[G7]leeping.

now the time has come to part, the time for [C]weeping.

[F]Vaya con dios my d[C]arling

[G7]Vaya con dios my [C]love.



[C]Now the village mission bells are softly [G7]ringing

if you listen with your heart, you'll hear them [C]singing.

[F]Vaya con dios my [C]darling.

[G7]Vaya con dios my l[C]ove




Where [Gm7]ever you may b[C7]e I'll be be[F]side you

al [Gm7]though many million [C7]dreams a [F]way.

Each [Am7]night I'll say a pray[D7]'r a pray'r to g[G]uide you,

to h[Am7]asten ev'ry lonely [D7]hour of [G7]ev'ry lonely day.



Now the [C]dawn is breaking thro' a gray to[G7]morrow,

but memories we share are there to [C]borrow.

[F]Vaya con dios my [C]darling

V[G7]aya con dios my l[C]ove.