Wasted Days And Wasted Nigh

{t:Wasted Days And Wasted Nigh}
{st:Freddy Fender}
(1st Verse)  W[C]asted days and wasted nights, I have left for you
Beh[G7]ind for you don't belong to me, your heart belongs to someone e[C]lse.

(2nd Verse)

W[C]hy should I keep loving you, when I know that you're [G7]Not true? And why should I call your name, when you're to blame for making me [C]Blue[F]? [C][C7]

Don't you rem[F]ember the day, that you went away and l[C]eft me? [D]I was so lonly, prayed for you [G7]only[A], [G]my love.

(2nd Verse) (Lead) (Chorus) (1st Verse) (2nd Verse