White Christmas

{t:White Christmas}
{st:Misc. Christmas}


[GI?m dreami[Am]ng of[D] a whi[D7]te Christmas,
[C]Just like the ones[Am] I used to kn[G]ow.      [G4]    [G]
[D]Where the tree t[G]ops glisten,  [G7]
And Ch[C]ildren listen, [Am]
To[G] hear the sleig[Em]h bells in the [Am]snow.   [D]    [D7]

[G]I?m dreaming of a whi[Am]te Ch[D]ristma[D7]s,[C]With every Ch[Am]ristmas card I [G]write. [G4]    [G]
[C]May your d[G]reams be [Em]merry and [C]bright,
And ma[G]y all[Em] your [Am]Chris[C]tma[D]s ?s be whi[G]te.

[G]I?m dreaming of a w[Am]hite [D]Christm[D7]as,

W[C]ith every [Am]Christmas card I wr[G]ite[G4].   [G]
M[C]ay your dreams [G]be [Em]merry and br[C]ight,
And m[G]ay all [Em]your C[Am]hrist[C]mas ?[D]s be w[G]hite.[G4]   [G]