Whisky in the jar

{t:Whisky in the jar}

As [C]I was going over the Gil[Am]gara mountain
I spi[F]ed colonel farrel
and his mon[C]ey he was countin'
first I drew my pistols
and th[Am]en I drew my rapier
sayin' sta[F]nd and deliver
for I a[C]m your bold deciver

Musha rin[G7]gum duram da
wh[C]ack fol the daddy-o
wh[Am]ack fol the dad[F]dy-o
there [C]is whisky i[G7]n the ja[C]r

H[C]e count out his money
an[Am]d it made a pretty penny
I p[F]ut it in my pocket
to take it ho[C]me to darling Jenny
she signed and swore she loved me
a[Am]nd never would decive me
b[F]ut devil take that woman
for they alw[C]ays lie so easy


[C]I went into the champer
a[Am]ll for to take a slumber
to dre[F]am of gold and girls
and of cou[C]rse I was no wonder
my Jenny took my charges
and fill[Am]ed them up with water
cal[F]led on the colonel farrel
to get rea[C]dy for the slaughter


Whiskey in the JarWikipedia: "Whiskey in the Jar" is a famous Irish traditional song, set in the southern mountains of Ireland, with specific mention of counties Cork and Kerry, as well as Fenit, a village in county Kerry.