Wonderful tonight

{t:Wonderful tonight}

I[G]t's late in the eve[D]ning       [C]
she's wondering what clothes[D] to wear
s[G]he puts on her mak[D]e up
[C]and brushis her long[D] blond hair   [C]
and then she asks[D] me
d[G]o I l[Bm]ook allri[Em]ght
and I said y[C]es, you look won[D]derfull tonigh[G]t

W[G]e go to a par[D]ty
[C]everyone turn[D]s to see
[C]this beutifull la[D]dy
[C]who's walking around[D] with me
[C]and then she asks[D] me, d[G]o you f[Bm]eel allri[Em]ght
and I said y[C]es, I feel wo[D]nderfull tonig[G]ht

I feel wo[C]nderfull
bec[D]ause I see the lovel[G]ight i[D]n your e[Em]yes
and the won[C]der of it al[D]l
is that you j[C]ust don't realise[D] - - how much I lov[G]e you

I[G]t's time to go home[D] now
[C]I've got an ac[D]kin' head
[G]so I give her the car[D]keys
[C]she helps me to bed[D]
[C]and then I tell [D]her
a[G]s I tu[Bm]rn of the li[Em]ght
I said my darling, you are wonderfull tonight
oh my dar[D]ling, you are wond[D]erfull toni[G]ght.

Wonderful TonightWikipedia: "Wonderful Tonight" is a song written by Eric Clapton.