When the saints

{t:When the saints}

Oh when the sai[G]nts,go marchin' in
oh when the saints go marchin' i[D7]n
oh lord I w[G]ant to [G7]be that nu[C]mber
when the sa[G]ints [Em]go ma[Am][D7]rchin' i[G]n

And when the s[G]un,refuse to shine
oh when the sun refuse to sh[D7]ine
oh lord I wa[G]nt to b[G7]e that nu[C]mber
when the s[G]un r[Em][Am]efuse t[D7]o shi[G]ne

And when the mo[G]on,drips red with blood
oh when the moon drips red with blo[D7]od
oh lord I wa[G]nt to be that nu[C]mber
when the mo[G]on dri[Em]ps re[Am]d wi[D7]th bl[G]ood

And when,the reval[G]ation comes
oh when the revalations co[D7]mes
oh lord I w[G]ant to be that num[C]ber
when the r[G][Em][Am][D7]evalations com[G]es