Yellow river

{t:Yellow river}

S[C]o long boy you can ta[Em]ke my place
got[Am] my papers I've got[Em] my pay
so pa[Am]ck my bags,and I'll be o[Dm]n my way
to yel[G]low river,yellow river
p[C]ut my gun down the w[Em]ar is won
f[Am]ill my glass high the ti[Em]me has come
I'm go[Am]ing back to the pl[Dm]ace I love
yell[G]ow river,yellow river

Yel[C]low river,yellow river
is i[Em]n my mind and i[G]n my eyes
yel[C]low river,yellow river
is i[Em]n my blood,it's the pla[G]ce i love
g[Am]ot no time for explanation
g[G]ot no time to loose
to[Dm]morrow night you'll find me
sleeping un[G]derneath the moon
at ye[Am]llow river,yellow river       [F][G][F][G]

Ca[C]non fire lingers i[Em]n my mind
I[Am]'m so glad that I'm st[Em]ill alive
a[Am]nd I've been gone for su[Dm]ch along time
from yel[G]low river,yellow river
I r[C]emember the ni[Em]ght were cold
I [Am]can still see the wat[Em]erpool
a[Am]nd I remember the gi[Dm]rl that I knew
from ye[G]llow river yellow river