Apple Jack

{t:Apple Jack }

{st:by Dolly Parton    }

[C]He lived by the apple orchard in this [F]little orchard [C]shack
His real name was Jackson Taylor but [F]I called him [G7]Apple Jack
Now old [C]Apple Jack was loved by every[F]one he ever [C]knew
Apple Jack picked apples but he [G7]picked the banjo [C]too

Play a song for me Apple [F]Jack  Apple [C]Jack
Play a song for me and I’ll [G7]sing
Play a [C]song for me Apple [F]Jack  Apple [C]Jack
Play a song  let your [G7]banjo [C]ring

Now I’d go down to Apple [F]Jack’s almost every[C]day
We’d sit and we’d drink applejack [F]that old Apple [G7]Jack had made
Then he’d [C]take his banjo down then he’d [F]ask me if I’d [C]sing
And he would play the banjo and I’d [G7]play my tambou[C]rine

repeat #2

That’s when I was just a kid and [F]now that I am [C]grown
All I have are memories old Apple Jack is[G7] gone
Oh  but he [C]left me his banjo and it [F]always takes me [C]back
And every time I play it I [G7]still hear Apple [C]Jack