Blowin' in the wind

{t:Blowin' in the wind}

{st:Bob Dylan}

H[C]ow many r[F]oads must a m[C]an walk down, before you can c[F]all him a m[G]an?

How many s[F]eas must a wh[C]ite dove sail, before she sl[Dm]eeps in the s[G7]and?

Yes, and h[C]ow many t[F]imes must the c[C]annon balls fly, before they're for[F]ever b[G]anned?



The [Dm]answer, my fr[G7]iend, is bl[C]owin' in the w[Am]ind

the [F]answer is bl[G7]owing in the w[C]ind.



Yes, and how many t[F]imes must a m[C]an look up, before he can s[F]ee in the sk[G]y?

Yes, and how many [F]ears must [C]one man have, before he can h[Dm]ear people cr[G7]y?

Yes, and h[C]ow many d[F]eaths will it t[C]ake 'til he knows that too many p[F]eople have d[G]ied?




Yes, and how many y[F]ears can a m[C]ountain exist, before it's w[F]ashed to the s[G]ea?

Yes, and how many y[F]ears can some p[C]eople exist, before they're all[Dm]owed to be fr[G7]ee?

Yes, and h[C]ow many t[F]imes can a m[C]an turn his head, pretending he j[F]ust doesn't s[G]ee?