Blue Moon

{t:Blue Moon}




Blue [C]moon, [Am] [Dm]you saw me[G7] standing alo[C]ne

[Am][Dm]without a dream[G7] in my he[C]art

[Am][Dm]without a love [G7]of my [C]own



[G7]Blue [C]moon, [Am] [Dm]you knew just what[G7] I was

there [C]for

[Am]     [Dm]you heard me say[G7]ing a prayer[C] for

[Am]     [Dm]someone I really[G7] could care [C]for


and then [F6]suddenly appe[G7]ared be[C]fore me

the [F6]only one my [G7]arms could ever [C]hold

I heard some[F6]body whisper "[Bb9]Please a[E/B]dore me"

And when I [G]looked the moon had

[D7]turned to [Dm7]gold




[Am]     [Dm]without a [G7]love of my [C]own

[C]     [F7]       [C]