{st:Cliff Richard}
 [D]     Congratu[G]lations and celeb[A]rations,
when I tell e[D]veryone that you're in love with [G]me.
Congratulations and jub[A7]ilations,
I want the w[D]orld to know I'm happy as can [G]be.
1. Who would bel[D]ieve that I could be happy and con[G]tented,
    I used to t[D]hink that happines hadn't been in[G]vented.
    But that was[E] in the bad old days before I m[Am]et you,
    when I l[A7]et you        walk into my h[D]eart.
2. I was af[D]raid that maybe you thought you were [G]above me,
      that I was [D]only fooling myself to think you'd [G]love me.
      But then toni[E]ght you said you couldn't live wit[Am]hout me,
      that round [A7]about me        you wanted to [D7]stay.  
   + REFRAIN  + I[A] want the world to[D7] know  -  I'm happy as can[G] be.
(Orig. = Capo 2)          (Cliff Richard)