Crying in the rain

{t:Crying in the rain}

        [C]I'll n[F]ever l[G]et you s[C]ee
        The way my b[F]roken heart is h[G]urtin' [C]me
        I[C]'ve got my pr[F]ide and I [E7]know how to h[Am]ide
        All my s[F]orrow and pain [G]
        I'll do my crying in the r[Am]ain    [G]  

        I[C]f I wa[F]it for clo[G]udy ski[C]es
        You won't kn[F]ow the rain from the te[G]ars in my ey[C]es
        You'll never kn[F]ow that I s[E7]till love you s[Am]o
        Though the hea[F]rtaches rem[G]ain
        I'll do my crying in the r[Am]ain     [G]   

        Ra[F]indrops fallin' from h[Dm]eaven
        Could n[G7]ever wash away my m[C]isery
        But s[Am]ince we're not together
        I l[F]ook for stormy weather
        To h[G7]ide these tears I hope you'll never see

        So[C]med[F]ay when my cry[G]in's do[C]ne
        I'm gonna we[F]ar a smile and w[G]alk in the s[C]un
        I may be a fo[F]ol but till th[E7]en darling yo[Am]u'll
        Never se[F]e me compla[G]in
        3x I'll do my crying in th[Am]e rain[G]

Crying in the RainWikipedia: "Crying in the Rain" is a song written by Howard Greenfield and Carole King and was originally recorded by The Everly Brothers.