Crystal Chandeliers Charley Pride

{t:Crystal Chandeliers-crd}
{st:Charley Pride}

#Subject: Crystal Chandeliers   by Charlie Pride
#Crystal Chandeliers
#by Charlie Pride

All the [D]crystal chandeliers light up the [A7]paintings on your wall
The marble statuettes Are standing [D]stately, in the hall, 
but will the timely crowd, that has you laughing loud help you, [G]dry your tears
When the [D]new wears off of your [A7]crystal chande-[D]liers

Verse 1:
[D]I never did, fit in too well with [A7]folks you knew
And it's plain to see that the likes of me don't [D]fit with you
[A7]So you [D]traded me for the gaiety of the [G]well to do
And you [D]turned a way from the [A7]love I offered [D]you


Verse 2:
[D]I see your picture in the news most [A7]every day
You're the chosen girl of the social world So the [D]stories say
[A7]But a [D]paper smile only lasts awile Then it [G]fades away
And the [D]love we knew will come [A7]home to you some [D]day