Danny Boy

{t:Danny Boy}
{st:Elvis Presley}

Oh Danny [C]bo[Cmaj7]y, the [C7]pipes, the pipes are [F]calling[Fm]
From glen to [C]glen and [Am]down the mountain [D7]side[G]
The summer's [C]go[Cmaj7]ne and[C7] all the roses [F]dying[Fm]
'Tis you, 'tis [C]yo[Am]u must [Dm]go and [G]I must [C]bide

[G]But [Am]come[G/B] ye [C]back when [F]summer's in the [C]meadow
[G]Or [Am]when [G/B]the [Am]valley's [F]hushed and [C]white with [D]snow[G]
And I'll be [C]he[C/E]re in [F]sunshine or in [C]sh[Em/B]adow [Am]   [Fm]
Oh Danny [C]boy, oh Danny [Dm]boy I [G]love you [C]so

But if [C]he[Cmaj7] come [C7]and all the roses [F]dying[Fm]
And I am [C]de[G/B]ad, as [Am]dea[Am/G]d I well may [D/F#]be   [G]
You'll come and [C]fi[Cmaj7]nd the[C7] place where I am [F]lying[Fm]
And kneel and [C]say[Am] an [F]Ave [G]there for [C]me

[G]And[Am] I [G/B]shall [C]feel, though [F]soft you tread [C]above me
[G]And [Am]then[B/G] my [Am]gra[Am/G]ve will [F]richer[C/E], sweeter [D/F#]be   [G]
For you will [C]be[C/E]nd and [F]tell me that you [C]lo[Em/B]ve me[Am]   [G#]
And I shall [C]rest in [Am]peace un[Dm]til you [G]come to [C]me
[C] (Oh [Am]Danny [F]boy I [G]love) you [C]so

Danny BoyWikipedia: "Danny Boy" is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly and usually set to the Irish tune of the "Londonderry Air".