Down on the Corner




[C]Early in the eve[G]nin'   just ab[C]out supper time, over by the courthouse,

they[G]'re startin[C]g to [F]unwind, four kids[C] on the corner, trying to bring you up,

Willy picks a tune o[G]ut and he b[C]lows it on the harp.





[F]Down on[C] the co[G]rner, o[C]ut in the street,[F] Willy an[C]d the Poorboys are playin'

bring[G] a nickel, ta[C]p your feet.


Verse 2:


[C]Rooster hits the wash[G]board, and p[C]eople just gotta smile, Blinky thumps the

gut bass[G] and sol[C]os for[F] awhile. Poor-boy tw[C]angs the rhythm out on his

Kalamazoo. And Willy goes i[G]n to a danc[C]e and doubles on Kazoo.



repeat chorus:


3rd verse:


[C]You don't need [G]a penny jus[C]t to hang around, but if you got a nickel won't

yo[G]u lay your [C]mone[F]y down. Over[C] on the corner, there's a happy noise,

people come from all[G] around to[C] watch the magic boy.