Dream A little Dream Of Me

{t:Dream A little Dream Of Me.}

{st:Mamas and the Papas}


[F]Stars s[E7]hining right ab[Db7]ove y[C7]ou

[F]Night-br[Am]eezes seem to w[D7]hisper: I love you

[Gm]Birds singing in the sy[Bbm]camore-trees

D[F]ream a little d[Db7]ream of me.


Say night-y-night and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me

While I'm alone as blue as can be

D[F]ream a little dr[Db7]eam [C7]of me[F].   [A7]




     [D]Stars [Bm]fading but [G]I linger [A]on dear

     [D]Still c[Bm]raving your [G]kiss

     [D]I'm l[Bm]onging to l[G]inger till daw[A]n dear

     [D]Just saying thi[Db7]s     [C7]



Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

D[F]ream a little dr[Db7]eam [C7]of me[F].   [A7]