Happy Xmas

{t:Happy Xmas}

So this is chri[G]stmas
and what have you d[Am]one
Another year o[D7]ver
a new one just beg[G]un
A[G7]nd so this is chri[C]stmas
I hope you have f[Dm]un
The near and the de[G7]ar ones
the old and the you[C]ng
T[C7]he merry merry chris[F]tmas
and a happy new ye[G7]ar
Let's hope it's a go[Dm]od one
wit[F]hout any fe[C]ar
A[D7]nd so this is chris[G]tmas
for weak and for str[Am]ong
The rich and the p[D7]oor ones
the road is so lo[G]ng
[G7]And so happy chri[C]stmas
for black and for whi[Dm]te
for the yellow and the r[G7]ed ones
let's stop all the fights
[C7]A very merry christ[F]mas
and a happy new ye[G7]ar
let's hope it's a go[Dm]od one
[F]without any fe[C]ar      [F][C]