Johny B Good

{t:Johny B Good}
{st:Chuck Berry}

#Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry

Deep [A]down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans,
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens,
There [D]stood a log cabin made of earth and wood
Where [A]lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode
Who [E]never ever learned to read or write so well,
But he could [A]play the guitar just like a ringin' a bell.
[A]Go! Go! Go, Johnny, go! Go!
Go, Johnny, go! Go[D]!
Go, Johnny, go! [A]Go!
Go, Johnny, go! Go! [E]Johnny B. Good[A]e

He [A]used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack
Go sit beneath the trees by the railroad tracks
Old [D]engineers would see himsittin` in the shade,
Str[A]ummin` with the rhythm that the drivers made
When [E]people passed him by they would stop and say,
`Oh [A]my but that little country boy could play`