Things I Cannot Change

{t:Things I Cannot Change}

#Things I Cannot Change.
#(Jaime Hanna, Dennis Britt, Alan Miller)
#Intro:   Am    C     G     E          (4X)
[Am]Leaves [C]fall     [G]    in the [E]cool October[Am] air
Days grow [C]short,     [G]      and I [E]can`t remember[Am] where
I saw you [C]last,   [G]       turned a[E]gainst the summer[Am] light
Walking [C]off,    [G]       on that [E]final August [F]night.

I was there on my [Fm]knees, all a[C]lone
In a wor[Am]ld w[D]here nothing [Fm]ever stays the [C]same
I am [Am]left[D] with only[Fm] things I cannot [C]change
You`ve [Am]gone a[D]way and left me [Fm]things I cannot[C] change  [C]

[Am]Smoke will [C]rise         [G]    and a [E]fire always[Am] burns
Sands will [C]drift     [G]  and tides will[E] turn
And I can`t          [Am]wrestle with the[C] sea
Rear[G]range the sky       or [E]fight against the[Am] wind    [C]
Any [G]more than I can [E]bring you [F]back to[Fm] me

In a w[Am]orld [D]where nothing[Fm] ever stays the[C] same
I am [Am]left [D]with only [Fm]things I cannot [C]change
You`ve [Am]gone a[D]way and left me [Fm]things I cannot [C]change
So f[Am]ar awa[D]y and left me [Fm]things I cannot [C]change

Am   D      Fm      C (repeat)

Left me things I cannot change