A teenager in love

{t:A teenager in love}

Ea[C]ch time we ha[Am]ve a quarrel[F]
it almost bre[G7]ak my heart
'ca[C]use we are s[Am]o afraid[F]
that we will ha[G7]ve to part

O[C]ne day I fe[Am]el so happy[F]
next day I fe[G7]el so sad
[C]I guess I'll le[Am]arn to take [F]
the good wi[G7]th the bad

Ea[C]ch night I a[Am]sk the st[F]ars up ab[G7]ove
w[C]hy most I b[Am]e a teen[F]ager in lo[G7]ve
[F]I cried a te[G7]ar,f[F]or nobody but y[G7]ou
I[F]'ll be a lon[G7]ely one
if y[F]ou should say we're thr[G7]ough

I[C]f you want to ma[Am]ke me cry
th[F]at won't be so ha[G7]rd to do
a[C]nd if I should s[Am]ay goodbye
I[F]'ll still go on lo[G7]ving you