All of Me

{t:All of me}

{st:Seymor Simons}

A[Bb]ll of me - why not take a[D7]ll of me

ca[G7]n't you see - I'm no good with-[Cm7]out  you

t[D7]ake my lips - I want to l[Cm7]oose them

t[C7]ake my arms - I'll never[Cm7] use t[F7]hem

Y[Bb]our goodbye - left me with [D7]eyes that cry

[G7]how can I - go on  dear  with[Cm7]out you

y[Ebdim]ou took the [Ab7]part - that [Dm7]once was my [G7]heart

so[Cm]why not tak[F7]e all of [Bb]me.