American Pie

{t:American Pie}

{st:Phil Collins}

[Em]She calls out to the [D]man on the [C]street [Em]: "Sir can you [D]help me?

It's [Em]cold and I've [D]nowhere to [Am7]sleep, is [Em]there somewhere you can [D]tell me? "

[Em]He walks on [D]doesn't look [C]back, [Em]   he pretends he can't [D]hear her [Em]

Start to whistle as he [D]crosses the [Am7]street, [Em]   seem embarrassed to [D]be there

Oh, [Em]think [D]twice, cos' it's [Cmaj7]another day for you and me in para[D]dise

Oh, [Em]think [D]twice, cos' it's [Cmaj7]another day for you, [D]you and [Em]me in [D]pa[C]radise  [Em]

Oh [Em]lord is there [D]nothing more any[G]body can do. Oh [D]lor[Em]d there must be

somet[D]hing you can [G]say   [D]   [Am7]

It's just [Em]another day for [D]you and [Am7]me in para[Em]dise

[Em]She calls out to the [D]man on the [C]street, [Em] he can see she's been [D]crying [Em]

She's get blisters on the [D]soles of her [Am7]feet, [Em]   she can't walk but she's [D]trying

[Em]You can [D]tell from the [C]lines on her [Am7]face, [Em]    you can see that she's [D]been there

[Em]Probably been moved on from [D]every [Am7]place, [Em]   cos' she didn't fit [D]in there