Are You lonesome tonight

{t:Are You lonesome tonight}

{st:Elvis Presley}

Are You l[C]onesome ton[Em]ight?

Do You m[Am]iss me tonight?

Are You s[C]orry we dr[A7b9]ifted ap[Dm]art?  [A7]     [Dm]  

Does Your m[G7]emory stray

to a brighter summer day

when I kissed You and c[G7#5]alled You sweeth[C]eart?  [Fm6]     [C] 

Do the ch[C9]airs in Your parlour

seem [F]empty and bare?

Do You g[D7]aze at Your doorstep       ( Do you gaze at Your bold head

and p[G]icture me th[G7]ere?                and wish you had hair?        )

Is Your h[C]eart filled with p[Em7]ain?

Shall I c[D7]ome back again?

Tell me, D[Dm7]ear, are You l[G7#5]onesome ton[C]ight?   [G7]  

I wonder if you're lonesome tonight.. You know someone said the

world's a stage where each must play a part. Act 1 was where we met..

You read your lines so cleverly and never missed a ... etc.. etc..